Guilty by Association

Mohammad bin Al-Hasan bin Haroon Al-Musaly رحمه الله said, “I asked Abu Abdullah Ahmad Ibn Hanbal regarding the saying of Al-Karabesi: “my recitation of the Quran is created”, so Abu Abdullah said to me, “I warn you, I warn you from this Al-Karabesi, do not speak to him and do not speak to the one who speaks to him. [He repeated this] four or five times”. Source: طبقات الحنابلة 688


Translators Note: This is a valid proof that the concept of ‘guilt by association’ is valid and has a strong basis from the Salaf. When you block the innovator, refute him, boycott him and humiliate him then his bidaāh will die out. Similarly any Muslim who is aware of the beliefs of Farrakhanism, the Qadiyanis, the Rafidah and then cooperates, aids, promotes their leaders should be boycotted.

Translator Abu Ammar Yasir, Madina, Saudi Arabia

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